Slide Smart Air Purifier


The NEW LIFAair Smart Air Purifiers, combines innovation technology with stylish minimalist design. LIFAair Air Purifier awarded on the reddot and IF design. It has Carbon + HEPA filter, BOTH designed to capture chemical fumes, gases, cigarette smoke and odors while medical HEPA filters trap 99.9% of all particles larger than 0.3 microns and removes dust, pollen, mold spores, dust mites and other allergens, including most bacteria and viruses. LA350A Specs

LA350A | LA500V

LA500V Specs
Slide Smart Car Air Purifier

LAC Series

LIFAair Car Air Purifier have the highest available airflows and purification capabilities on the market. Clean Air can be efficiently delivered also to back seat, which is known to be the most polluted place in vehicle. LAC52 Specs

LAC52 | LAC100

LAC100 Specs
Slide Intelligent Fresh Air Purifier


Intelligent Fresh Air Purifier introduces fresh air in full effect and efficient for removing haze, formaldehyde, viruses and more! It has a unique materials and structure, 3G-filters that are capable of filtering a wide range of contaminants! LAF200 Specs

LAF200 | LAF500

LAF500 Specs
Slide Personal Respirator


Triple Layer Filtration, with more than 98% efficiency. Class A protection levels based on industry standard. Designed for comfort and fit while ensuring a complete seal. Multi-level filtration protection against larger particles, PM2.5, and finer particles and other environmental and job-related emissions. Material is light and soft with high permeability. LM991 Specs

LM991 | LM99

LM99 Specs


Silent and Smart protection for your family.


CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)


Recommended area up to 72m2

18mins Whole area purification

LAC 100

Clean Air While On The Go

Finland’s smart solution for fresh air begins here. LIFAair’s intelligent car air purifier is designed to provide clean air in compact spaces while putting the control in your hands.

Fresh Air Purifier

Lifaair Global patented technology 3G filtration System. “Clean” is just the beginning, our mission is “comfortable” To ensure that health has the professional filtration system to protect.

LAF200 do not need “a vast installation project”. It provides the comfort air purifier system and not huge air tube installation.



Finland’s smart solution for fresh air begins here. An intelligent innovative system designed to empower you and your family to breathe fresh air.


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