Clean Air While On The Go

LIFAair’s intelligent car air purifier is designed to provide clean air in compact spaces while putting the control in your hands. With a smart controller to provide readings on air quality levels including CO2 & PM2.5 within the car at all times, LAC52 offers the most sophisticated purifying & monitoring system on the go.

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CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)


Recommended area up to


Whole area purification


Intelligent Monitoring

The LAC52 maintains optimum air quality throughout your journey while monitoring PM2.5 and C02 levels. When temperatures in the car rise above 60 degrees Celsius, the smart system ceases all functionality except temperature monitoring to protect the device. It is fitted with an H11-grade composite filter for rapid removal of pollutants within the car and cleans air efficiently. to. minimize pollutants up. to 99.9%.

Combined filter, Efficient purification

The two-layer filter offers comprehensive cleaning. The particle filter layer catches the dust, allergens, and PM2.5 particles, while the second stage active carbon layer absorbs gaseous contaminants and removes odors.


Recommended Floor Area         3-6 m2
PM2.5 Purification Efficiency                                          >99%
Particle CADR         50 m3/h
HCHO CADR         7.7 m3/h
Sensor CO2         Yes
CADR CO2.         10 m3/h
Noise Level         <50dB (A)
Power Consumption          1 – 7 W
Filter model number         LAD01LA
Weight         1.34Kg
Dimensions         Diam. 398 x 167 x 68