Split Monitoring in One System – Fresh Air Flow & Air Purification Rate

LIFAair’s wall mounted air purifier is the world’s first split IAQ monitoring unit that offers fully intelligent automated operation and detection. This fresh air purifier utilizes our patented 3G-filtration technology to clean the air from the outside before releasing it indoors all the while monitoring CO2 levels, PM2.5, TVOC and particulate matter. This process enables the efficient flow of fresh air constantly without compromising on your indoor air quality. With a degerming rate at 99.5%, the LAF200 is a true bacteria buster in every home.

CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)

200 m³/h

Recommended area up to

32 m2

Whole area purification


LIFAair Realtime Smart Controller

Unlike other purifiers on the market today, LIFAair smart controller measures multiple pollutant levels and is the command center of the air purifier. Efficient and high-performance filtration combined with the smart command unit makes this workhorse altogether in a league of its own. The Smart Controller is equipped with 3 high-precision sensors for particles including PM2.5, formaldehyde/VOC (volatile organic compounds) and carbon dioxide. It also reads temperature while keeping track of CADR speed and filter usage, all in realtime.

Patented “3G-Filter” filtration technology

Our leading air purification technology was jointly created by LIFAair in cooperation with the Finnish National Technology Research Center (VTT) and the Finnish military. It is three levels of protection, which ensure efficient purification while possessing extremely low wind resistance, large dust holding capacity and self-sterilizing capability. This patented technology combines an electrostatically charged filter with both a particle charging section and a gas filter made of absorbent materials for gaseous contaminants.



Fresh Airflow Rate         180 m3/h
Exhaust Airflow Rate         55 m3/h
Air exchange efficiency         >90
Particle CADR         200 m3/h
Formaldehyde CADR         25 m3/h
CADR CO2.         65 m3/h
TVOC CADR         55m 3/h
Particulate CCM         P4
PM2.5 Purification Efficiency         > 99.4%
Degerming rate         99.5%
Noise Level         <50dB(A)
Recommended Floor Area         32 – 38 m2
Power (heater mode)                                              360W
Power (purification mode)         60W
Weight         16.4Kg
Dimensions         318x200x945
Power Consumption         1 – 60W
Filter model number          13GF200