Personal Respirator without Valve (KN95)


LIFAair LM991

Triple Layer Filtration, with more than 98% efficiency


Designed to improve personal wellness and healthcare, the LM991 respirator features

– More than 98% filtration efficiency – Class A protection levels based on industry-standard – Designed for comfort and fit while ensuring a complete seal – Multi-level filtration protection against larger particles, PM2.5, and finer particles and other environmental and job-related emissions. – Material is light and soft with high permeability – High absorption rate

The advantages of a LIFAair LM991 Respirator?

It has become a priority to develop products in healthcare for the wellness and well being of families around the world to protect you from things like everyday pollutants, pollen, smog, and allergies, as well as sensitivities to the change in temperature and/or environments.


Certification/ Class (Standard) KN95 (GB2626-2006) / CE – EN149 : 2001 + A1 : 2009
Filter Performance ≥95%
Test Agent National Labor Protection Supplies Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Beijing)
Total Inward Leakage (TIL) <11%
Inhale Resistance ≤75Pa Flow rate 85L/min
Exhalation resistance ≤45Pa Flow rate 85L/min
Exhalation valve leakage requirement no exhalation valve
Force applied The headband bears 10N axial tension for 10s and will not slip or break.